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Physical Therapy Professionals - Lakeville, Caledonia, Mt. Morris

Physical Therapy Professionals in Lakeville New York

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Physical Therapists are key players in reducing healthcare costs and in appropriate transitioning of patients during care episodes. They are frontline providers whose focus is appropriate and high quality care, thus reducing needless variation, wait and delay times, and the wasted costs.

Physical Therapy Professionals, P.C. is your choice for comprehensive personal evaluations and treatments for individual therapy needs. Established in 1994, we are an independent physical therapy practice committed to providing the highest quality of care available today. We use the latest techniques and technology to allow for a more complete and efficient rehabilitation and recovery. Our staff is dedicated to restoring physical and functional mobility, as well as relieving pain and preventing disability. We evaluate and treat injuries that occur in all settings, including auto, home, industry, and sports.

As health care professionals, we are committed and fully capable of serving the medical community's rehabilitation needs. We are staffed with the best professionals and the most advanced technology to provide a broad range of progressive therapy resources. The ever increasing demands for our services and increased physician referrals necessitated the building of a new state-of-the-art office for our Lakeville location in 2006. The beautiful new facility houses Livingston County's only dedicated in-ground therapeutic pool and spa. Additionally, we have locations in Caledonia and Mt. Morris in order to better service our patients in and around those communities.

Our approach to rehab is personal. Each patient has a dedicated P.T. throughout their recovery process. Direct access in New York State no longer requires you be referred by your physician, dentist, or podiatrist, but we maintain continual communication with your referring doctor throughout the entire rehabilitation process. This consistency and communication is vital for successful returns to comfortable, functional lives. We also mandate continuing professional education courses for each and every staff member so that our knowledge and technology remains updated and the most advanced available.

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Spine and joint health, non-surgical/ pre-op and post-surgical rehab, wellness, balance and performance name it and...Direct access to physical therapy saves you time and money.

Call today for an evaluation and expert treatment from the leaders in non invasive musculoskeletal care.

As members of the PT First Alliance, Physical Therapy Professionals of Lakeville
Caledonia and Mt. Morris belong to the largest and only group of physical
therapists in our area that provide quality and cost effective rehabilitative
health care backed by years of independent quality outcomes data.

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